A.G. Ferrari

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Wel­come to Italifornia

A.G. Fer­rari had been around in North­ern Cal­i­for­nia since the 1920’s. While their food and offer­ings had mod­ern­ized, their brand­ing wasn’t catch­ing up. They reached out to us to refresh their brand to reflect their vision of offer­ing the very best food from both Italy and Cal­i­for­nia. We gave them a dis­tinct, clean look, gor­geous mod­ern pho­tog­ra­phy and a tagline, Tra­di­tion meets imag­i­na­tion,” that was evoca­tive of this com­bo that we affec­tion­ate­ly dubbed (at least among our­selves) Ital­i­for­nia.” Hey, it’s bet­ter than Califaly.


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